Haringey Challenge


Haringey Challenge rewards people for getting involved in local groups and activities. I'm a regular in several classes and groups in and around Haringey - it's a great way to meet new people and develop my skills and experience.

Exchange stamps for local rewards

Collect a Haringey stamp each time you attend an activity or local group. When your stamp card is complete, you can exchange it for a local reward such as a free activity at Fusion Lifestyle! Follow the steps below...

  • 1. Collect a ‘Haringey Challenge’ stamp card

    Visit the Connected Communities team and show this app on your smartphone to collect a stamp card

  • 2. Attend an activity or local group from the list below

    Show your stamp card to a staff member along with this app on your smartphone. They will give you one stamp for each visit.

  • 3. Exchange stamps for local rewards

    Once your stamp card is complete, exchange it for a reward:

    • Swap 5 stamps for a DVD or audio rental at any Haringey library
    • Swap 10 stamps for an activity at Fusion Lifestyle, Tottenham Green Pools & Fitness (1 Philip Lane, London, N15 4JA)
  • 4. Collect a new card and repeat the process!

    We will add new organisations and groups overtime, so check back in with us.

Collect stamps with these groups and activities